Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reading back over my last several posts, it almost feels as if I am an entirely different person. I will do my best to fill you in on my current life, but who will probably be entirely different in a few months. ;)

 This is my best friend, Abdul. We met each other at the library last year. He is a wonderful cook, and a great study partner. He helps me with Arabic and he likes to make me run and lift weights. He can make me laugh at almost anything which is...hilarious.

I hosted my first dinner party this weekend! It was so much fun, I want to do it every day.

I picked up another job recently- waitressing at a Middle Eastern restaurant. I love the job, and I also love the extra money. This extra job has been such a blessing as far as buying groceries goes-I really needed the extra money! I get free food while I'm working, so I eat lots of protein while I'm there, and my tip money pretty much all goes towards buying food. I have been eating lots of salads, fresh fruits and vegetables, and PROTEINS! I feel so great and healthy. =) (I have no idea why, but I have to FORCE myself to eat protein. I have no desire to eat it in any form. Before I started working at the restaurant, I was lucky if I ate protein once a week.)

One of my Barnes & Noble Friends recently got married and we were lucky enough to have a photo of the Barnes & Noble girls take. Me, Isabel, Ashley, and Margie.

 I can't remember if I mentioned my living situation or not. I am no longer living alone. In February, I moved in with Isabel, a friend/co-worker. (We are renting a gorgeous, spacious house in the city. I really love the house. I love the kitchen, I love my bedroom, I love that I still have my own bathroom. I love having people over for dinner and game nights, and I love that I have enough space to do that. I do not, however, love having a roommate. I don't necessarily miss living alone, but maybe moving in with a friend isn't the best idea. Especially if the friend is also someone that you work with.

One of my best friends, Anna, got married a few weekends ago. I started making her a quilt last year, intending to give it to her as a wedding gift, but with working so many jobs and doing school I haven't been able to finish it yet. I cannot describe how much fun it was to be Anna's bridesmaid. She was such a calm bride- no stress, no tears, no meltdowns. Being with my best friends, getting ready for Anna's big day was perfect. It felt like we were in a movie. Just in case you wondered- Starbuck's really does give the bride a free drink on her wedding day.

In other news...

My first year of college is officially over. I'm working towards getting a degree in International Studies and I am also going to get my Teaching English as a Second Language certificate. After I graduate, my plan is to leave the country and teach English as a second language for awhile- preferably in Dubai. But who knows, right? That is several years away, and I change my mind a lot.

I'm still learning Arabic and loving it. Working at Shish Kabob has really helped out with my conversational skills. The cooks all love that I'm learning their language, and are really patient and funny teachers. I'm still not fluent, but my vocabulary is steadily increasing. Soon, I'm going to start learning Mandarin Chinese with my friends Abdul and Elisabeth. It's a super useful language to learn, and we will be able to compete/encourage each other while learning together.

I visited my family last month for the first time since January. I had seen them here and there- little visits while they were passing through, my brother's graduation, etc. I'm planning on making another trip to see them in August, and I'm hoping to be able to stay a little longer next time! 1 1/2 days isn't a long enough visit- especially because I desperately want to visit the children I used to nanny. I miss them so much!

I can't think of anything new at the moment. I work, do school, meet up with my friends, and read books.

I'm trying to get back in to the swing of blogging, but it seems like I never know what to write about. If you have any topics you would like me to cover, or any questions you would like me to answer, leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. Hi! I remember reading your blog a couple years back, and I commented once. I'm a year younger than you are, and it's striking to me how much I've changed my ideas and who I am altogether over this period of time. You've made some significant changes as well, it seems. Perhaps it's a little weird to say this to a stranger, but I'm proud of you! You've made strides in living independently and living a life you're actively choosing, all while having been through something very difficult, and that's awesome. I wish you well in working while pursuing your undergrad degree - I know that can be hard.

    As for future topics, maybe you can write about your college experience - what you've learned thus far, how you chose a career path. You could also do a "what I wish I knew when I was ___ years old" or "letter to my past self" type of post. Those are always interesting.

    Also, the fact that you're learning multiple languages is really cool. I myself am interested in learning Korean, Chinese, French, and perhaps Arabic or Farsi. It takes commitment, but it's so fun!

  2. I loved reading all about what you have been up to.. so many opportunities and so little time so it's exciting to see the world opening up to you. Learning others languages is so good for the brain - amongst other reasons for it being a wonderful thing to do. I smiled reading about the cooks in the kitchen.. no doubt it would touch them that an American would be taking the time to learn their language. :)


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