Wednesday, January 28, 2015


You might remember that when I moved to Ohio, my plan was to begin taking college courses, and to get a degree. For one year, that plan worked out well. I was working part time at Barnes & Noble, and   scheduled work around my classes. I loved learning, and enjoyed all (except for math!) of my classes. Before enrolling for classes, I submitted my FAFSA, and was pleased to be given independent status due to the fact that I am divorced.

When I began applying for my second year of classes, I was given a bit of trouble by the college. I was told that I could no longer register as an independent student. As frustrating as this was, I agreed to register for classes anyways. However, the woman in the financial aid office asked me a very strange question, "Are you still active duty military?" I have never been in the military, nor have I had the desire to be, but I was informed that the only reason I was granted independent status for my first year of college was because of my military status. When I said that I had never been in the military, I was told that I was not allowed to register for classes, or transfer my credits out until the Pell Grants I received from the college are paid in full.

I've been fighting this for almost two years now. I just want to go to school, and get my degree so that I can begin teaching English. The college has not agreed to a payment plan, and working only part time, I can't afford to pay the amount off in full in one payment, besides the fact that this is money that I shouldn't have to pay back at all. I've been to the college countless times to try to work this problem out, and I tried getting my local congressman involved. No luck. All I am told is that there was a clerical error on my end with the FAFSA, and thus, I have to pay the amount owed in order to take classes again.

I'm hoping that someone reading this has experience with financial aid problems and FAFSA issues, and will be able to offer some insight so that I can get this mess cleaned up. Thanks in advance!


I was able to go to my parent's house for Thanksgiving this year. Seeing my family was fantastic, as was all of the wonderful food that Mom made, but possibly the best part about Thanksgiving was a sweet, little kitten. My brother picked him up from some friends that could no longer keep him, and watched him for me until I was able to visit. Ever since then, we've been having adventures together in Ohio, and I'm so glad that he is a part of my life.

I'm more than a little bit obsessed with him. He follows me around like a dog, coming when called, and begging for treats constantly. He even has his own Instagram:


I'm officially a crazy cat lady.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Recent Reads

My Goodreads reading challenge goal is to read 35 books this year, and to just spend more time reading than I spend looking at my phone.

Books I've read recently:


A Dog's Purpose

The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Scorch Trials

Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I've Ever Been

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Getting Inked

 The day started with me at Barnes & Noble, dressed up like Nancy Drew for a "Get Pop Cultured" event at the store. 

 Kelly was fabulous as Rosie the Riveter.

 Then I sent out this Snapchat. Notice the panicked look in my eyes- I was actually terrified to get a tattoo. 

 Collin and I met near Cincinnati, ate some Burger King, and then headed to our tattoo artist of choice

 Nathan drew this for me based off of a picture I had shown him. I wanted the tattoo to look like mehndi (henna). 

 The pattern was transferred, and at this point, I was REALLY scared. 

 Collin was a good sport and let me go first. 

 He was also a good sport and let me steal one of his bandanas. 

 The next day we went for a 16 mile bike ride.

 Our finished tattoos!

My tattoo is all healed up now. I had to show a friend a video of me getting the tattoo the other day, before she would believe that it was real and not actually a henna tattoo- I guess that my goal of having it look like actual henna was accomplished! It isn't finished yet, as it will eventually turn into a quarter sleeve, but you've gotta start somewhere!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

After receiving quite a few emails from people asking me to share an update on my life, I decided to fill you in on what is going on around here. This past year has been so strange. I honestly feel like a completely different person than I was before. I've made friends and I've lost friends. I've learned a lot about people and life in general. I've become a stronger person, and hopefully a nicer one.

 I got my nose pierced. 

 I'm still always reading. 

 I like taking selfies in the car.

 A few friends took me on my first trip to a casino- I won $30 and then quit. :p

 With Boody and Leah at an International Festival in Dayton. These two will always have a special place in my heart.

 With Leah and Heather at our favorite place to hang out- an adorable little shop that sells bubble tea.

Still living in the same house- now new and improved with porch railings. 

Still working at Barnes & Noble. Sometimes I think about looking for a "real" job, and then I think about how happy working here makes me. 

Still babysitting. The mother of the kiddos snapped this picture while we were playing in the sandbox. At this point in my life, I'm pretty sure that I don't want kids of my own, but I ADORE playing with other people's children. I like to borrow them, give the moms some free time, and then return them when *I* need some free time. 

 With Faisal and Scott at our favorite bar- it's small, and pretty crappy, but we can walk there which is excellent. 

 One of my best friends, and favorite coworkers, John, my "hair twin." He is one of the most unique and inspiring people I have ever known. 

 This is Aashwin. I'm not even really sure how we met each other, (maybe at a random soccer game?) but I'm glad we did. He is fantastic.

 With Mom and Abigail. We met up a few weeks ago for a girly shopping day, and hopefully we get to do it again soon.

...and I play Magic the Gathering now.

Everything is pretty much the same, yet so different. Most of these photos are from Instagram and Facebook, which is a much better way to keep up with what I'm doing, if you feel like following my life.